Wear OS is Getting a Bunch of New Google Assistant Features Today

After announcing the features late last week, Google today began rolling out various new Google Assistant features to Wear OS that puts the virtual assistant more on par with its smartphone counterpart.


For starters, when you ask the Assistant something, it’ll now automatically display smart suggestions so you can continue the conversation. For instance, when you ask about the weather, it’ll suggest asking for tomorrow’s forecast or what Mother Nature has in store for the weekend. It should help people obtain more information than they normally would with their smartwatch.

You’ll also be able to hear responses from Google rather constantly having to look at the tiny display on your wrist. When asking the Assistant to “tell me about my day” on Wear OS, you’ll hear information such as what’s on your schedule and what current commute times are through either your watch’s speaker or your connected Bluetooth headphones.


Finally, Google is bringing Actions to the Assistant on Wear OS. Now, you’ll be able to do things like preheating your LG oven by talking to your wrist when you get home. There’s, of course, a ton of other Actions out there that are also compatible with Wear OS so if you use a certain Action, chances are it’s supported in this case.

All watches that have been updated to Wear OS can expect to see these new features starting today as a vast majority of users are saying they’re beginning to pop up on their wrists.