Microsoft Will Soon Let You Mirror Your Phone on Your Windows 10 PC

At its Build 2018 developers conference this week, Microsoft has announced a new app for Windows 10 called “Your Phone.” Shipping in the next major upgrade for the operating system which will likely arrive this fall, Your Phone will allow users to connect their phone wireless to their PC and access virtually all of its functions. Essentially, you’ll be able to mirror your phone on your PC so you don’t have to pick it up every time you want to send a text message.

According to the company, Your Phone will be capable of mirroring your entire Android smartphone right on your Windows 10 PC so you can control it with your mouse and keyboard. There are multiple third-party apps that do the same thing, but no app has ever been introduced as native to Windows 10 up until now.

While the experience will be more integrated with Android, Your Phone will also support iOS. However, you won’t be able to necessarily control your iPhone from your Windows 10 PC, but certain services should work. We’ll know more tomorrow during Joe Belfiore’s keynote at Build.