Hands-On: Flitter for iOS is the Twitter App You Deserve

It seems every few weeks, there’s some sort of new social media app or client that tries to shake things up. Twitter, for instance, as seen its own fair share of clients over the past few years for both iOS and Android. They seem to arrive a dime a dozen while not exactly packing features that would grab a user’s attention.

But then I heard about Flitter. If you haven’t, it’s a new Twitter client by Shihab Mehboob that aims to provide a killer user experience while packing all the necessary features you’d want from a paid app. When it went up for preorder, the sample screenshots of the app really caught my eye. I was given a code to download the app in advance and have been using it this past week as my main Twitter client. In short, it’s the Twitter app you deserve.

Here’s what’s good about it.

User Interface is On Point


When you first open Flitter, you’ll immediately notice just how clean and simple the app makes your Twitter feed. Gone are all the interactive buttons at the bottoms of tweets and in their place, images and videos sit to provide a richer experience. Scrolling through your timeline doesn’t feel like a chore, a nice change from the standard Twitter app. And if you want to like, retweet, or reply to a tweet, you can just hold down on a tweet and select one of three available buttons.

On the top of the app, you’ll be able to view lists you’ve made, check out trending topics, and search for content on Twitter. On the bottom is where you’ll find tabs for your main feed, your mentions, direct messages, your profile, and to fire off a tweet. The latter shortcut is customizable, meaning you can select one of many different icons available at your disposal in the settings pane. The same goes for the home screen icon, by the way.


Everything from searching to viewing trending topics to checking out users’ profiles, the entire experience of the app feels clean and polished. I personally love the UI of Flitter so much that I’m gonna have a hard time even trying to go back to the old Twitter app.

Absolute Dark Mode!


But that’s not all. If you have an iPhone X, you’ll be happy to know Flitter has an Absolute Dark mode which will turn the background of the app to completely black, therefore turning off unnecessary pixels and, in turn, getting you better battery life. Of course, it also comes with standard light and dark themes, all of which can be activated automatically based on your location and whether it’s nighttime or not.

3D Touch Menu


I don’t know about you, but I’m still a user of Apple’s 3D Touch. If you are too, you’ll want to note that Flitter comes with a pretty nice menu that pops up when you press hard on the app’s home icon. From here, you’ll be able to access things like your mentions, your profile, search, and the new tweet field. It’s convenient if you still use 3D Touch, but if you don’t, just disregard this entire paragraph.

Edit Tweets (Sort of)


In Flitter, there’s a shortcut so you can edit tweets. No, I don’t mean to literally crack open the tweet and edit the actual words in it. Rather, Flitter will give you the option of deleting the tweet you wish to edit and then bring forth the new tweet field so you can get it right. It’s a clunky alternative to just editing your initial tweet, but until Twitter adds the feature themselves, we’re stuck with solutions like this.

Secure Log-In


If you don’t want anyone snooping around in your Twitter feed, Flitter can be locked and require Touch or Face ID to get back in. I don’t have this feature on (because I already have my phone locked behind Touch ID anyway) but it’s a nice second step if you don’t want someone firing off tweets behind your back on your behalf.

A Ton of Other Stuff


I’ve highlighted my favorite parts of the app already, by Mehboob mentions a ton of other features of Flitter in the App Store description. Don’t worry, I’ve included the entire list below for you. You’re welcome in advance.

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and with flitter we absolutely believe that. The way in which you browse your timeline and interact with tweets should never be an afterthought, it should look stunning. And it does.

You can go from light to dark as effortlessly as tapping an on-screen button. You can change accent hues to match any outfit, and pictures don’t have to be small and tucked away. They can be big and bold. It’s the same old Twitter, but with a fresh new coat of paint.

Notable features:
– A gorgeous timeline that can be tweaked to look how you want
– Tweet detail with threaded replies
– Long-hold tweets for quick actions
– Tap the navigation bar for a jump bar to quickly access lists and bookmarked users
– Long-hold the navigation bar for a quick theme switcher
– Local and global trends
– Bookmark users for quick access
– Mentions with graphed history
– New tweet section with an intuitive keyboard drawer
– Keyboard haptics
– Search local and global tweets
– Search users
– Edit tweets
– Translate tweets
– Change theme hues
– Dark mode and OLED dark mode
– Change image layout and positions
– Pinch the screen to tweet a screenshot
– Move tweet button around to a place that suits you
– View users’ mentions and liked tweets
– Extensive tweet actions
– Extensive profile actions
– Swipe through recent images
– Biometric locks for the app and app sections
– Multiple user accounts
– More settings than you know what to do with
– Dynamically change the app icon
– Sounds and haptics
– 3D Touch Peek and Pop
– 3D Touch quick actions
– Today Widget
– Share Extension
– iMessage sticker pack
– Siri support

The only things I miss having are notifications for when someone mentions me or when a new tweet comes in. Other than that, I really have no complaints about Flitter. It’s so good, I feel as though Twitter should just transform its own app into it. Seriously, compared to this offering, the standard Twitter app feels ridiculous. We all deserve Flitter in our lives.

Don’t believe me? You can go to the App Store now and buy it for just $2.99. Unfortunately, Mehboob tells me he isn’t planning an Android version of the app so you’ll need to be on iOS for this one.

Download Flitter for iOS – $2.99

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