Newton Mail Update Brings Sent Messages to Your Inbox

Newton Mail, the $49.99/year email app, has received an update that makes it easier to see your messages all in one place. With the latest version of the app, rolling out now to all supported platforms, you’ll begin seeing new conversations you start in the app appear directly in your Inbox. Newton says it’s to mimic a chat app in which you can see both messages sent to you and ones you sent to others.

Going forward, when you start a new conversation in Newton, you’ll see it right on top in Inbox. Also when you reply. Conversations in inbox will be sorted by activity. Like your chat app. You can now track all your conversations in one list, see the double ticks, archive them, snooze them, star them, achieve inbox zero – everything will work as usual, but better.

The app’s goal with the new feature is to basically destroy the Sent folder, considering how confusing folders in your email account can get. In a blog post, Umesh Gopinath, a designer at Newton, gives a bit of a backstory into how we all got stuck with folders during the early days of email.

Long ago, email clients worked by periodically checking a mail-box on the server and downloading email using a protocol called POP. Once the mail was downloaded, it was deleted from the server and was shown in a folder called Inbox in the client. The client also had folders like Drafts, Sent, Outbox etc. so that it could save mails you wrote and sent using the client in an appropriate location. Then there were custom folders to which these mails could be moved and stored. All these folders and their contents remained in the client computer and the server had no idea about them. As the technology improved, things became better, but the email user experience more or less remained the same.

He goes on to say how Gmail first made waves with its Conversation view (allowing users to see both sent and received messages by clicking a single email) which Newton happily adopted for its own app. It made the email experience better, but not perfect. Now, the app believes by displaying sent messages in your inbox, they’ll be able to take another step out of navigation your email account.

According to Newton, the feature, called True Inbox, will begin to work automatically in your app as it begins to roll out. If you want to forcefully enable the feature, head to Settings > General > Conversation View > True Inbox. There, you’ll be able to flick a switch and view all your sent messages in your default inbox.

The update is rolling out now to those on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.