The LG G7 ThinQ Should Have a Pretty Killer Speaker

LG is set to debut its new G7 ThinQ flagship this Wednesday, and today we’re hearing about another feature of the device. According to LG who spoke to Engadget, the company will include a special “Boombox” speaker that will, apparently, sound a whole lot better than other speakers we’ve heard on Android phones in the past.

According to Engadget, the G7 will pack a speaker that uses a special resonance chamber design that basically utilizes the entire phone’s body to provide more volume and more bass. LG says the device raises the base sound level by 6dB and pumps out twice the amount of bass you’d normally find. The handset also apparently works especially well when you have it set down on a solid surface such as a table or desk. Only real-world testing will prove whether this is true or not so stay tuned.

Not only will the G7 kick out some pretty stellar sound out of its loudspeaker, it’ll also include a hi-fi DAC like the V30 did. The phone will come with DTS:X support (the first for a smartphone) and bring 3D surround sound effects up to 7.1 with any type of headphones. This means not only will your listening experience with headphones be improved, but the device will also ship with a headphone jack which is slowly fading away.

Considering we’re just two days away from seeing the G7 officially, expect a ton more on the device in the near future.