Samsung Expands Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus Storage up to 256GB

Samsung has announced it will soon offer variants of the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus with more storage. Right now, you can only get the phone with 64GB of internal space. But with the upgraded, more costly models, you can choose either 128GB or 256GB. This puts the device more on par with other flagship smartphones such as the Google Pixel 2 and LG V30+ which have been offering bigger storage capacities for a while at this point.

According to Samsung, the expanded storage variants of the S9 and S9 Plus will come in all three colors: Lilac Purple, Coral Blue, and Midnight Black. Pricing is as follows:

  • Galaxy S9 128GB: $769.99
  • Galaxy S9 256GB: $819.99
  • Galaxy S9 Plus 128GB: $889.99
  • Galaxy S9 Plus 256GB: $939.99

The company notes you can also still expand beyond that amount of storage thanks to support for up to a 400GB microSD card being built into both devices.

The upgraded Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus will land in the US starting tomorrow, May 1st, when they go up for preorder. Orders will begin shipping to customers on May 18th. Between those dates, anyone who preorders a phone will get either a free set of Gear IconX (2018) headphones or the opportunity to pick up a Gear S3 Frontier for $99. Note that the new storage capacities will only be available through