Apple Might Get Rid of the 3.5mm Headphone Dongle with This Year’s iPhones

Remember back in 2016, Apple made the user-hostile choice of removing the headphone jack from the iPhone 7? This time around, it looks like the company is going a step further.

According to analysts at Barclays (via 9to5Mac), Apple’s 2018 iPhone lineup might not ship with 3.5mm to Lightning dongles for standard headphone connectivity. No reason was given, although I can’t imagine it’s to cut costs since Apple sells the dongle separately for just $9 in its store.

Whether Apple will kill off 3.5mm headphone jack connectivity to its smartphones entirely this year is very debatable. This is the only time we’ve heard this rumor so far, yet the company did go far enough to cut the port from its smartphone in the first place. And yeah, while cutting out the headphone adapter from the picture would likely convince more people to buy Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth is still a mess and the only good option in this regard are Apple’s own $159 AirPods.

Until we hear more rumors that corroborate today’s report, take what was said here with a grain of salt. There’s really no telling whether Apple will actually get rid of the headphone dongle from the boxes of the 2018 iPhones so stay tuned.