Apple is Reportedly Developing High-End Headphones Similar to AirPods

They’ll be easy to pair and go over your ears.

Apple is rumored to be developing high-end headphones similar to AirPods. According to Bloomberg, the company is said to be developing a pair of over-ear headphones that will work similarly to AirPods in which they’ll be simple to pair with your iOS device. The news was first reported last week in a KGI Securities note that suggested the headphones were on the way.

According to Bloomberg, the headphones will feature high-end sound and even some tech featured in Apple’s HomePod. Thanks to this, they’ll be priced at a more costly point, likely around $300 or so. This is normal Apple behavior, so it’s not really surprising to hear they’ll be expensive.

What’s more, the headphones’ design has apparently been revised time and time again. Bloomberg notes the development of these headphones is similar to that of the HomePod in which Apple has worked tirelessly to get them just right. The report warns that the headphones may even be scrapped entirely if the headphones can’t be finalized.

Because of this, we have absolutely no idea when Apple might release the headphones. More info should arrive soon so we’ll let you know when it does.

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