Google is Putting Stories on the Mobile Web

Google has announced a new addition to its search engine specifically designed for mobile users. Called AMP Stories, the feature is basically a clone of what Snapchat and Instagram are doing with stories on their respective platforms. It’s another way to consume content and catch up on the latest news from publishers right on your smartphone.

To start with, Google has partnered with the likes of  CNNConde NastHearstMashableMeredithMicVox Media, and The Washington Post to publish the first AMP Stories. Essentially, when you search for something from one of the providers, you’ll be greeted by a horizontal list of stories that you can tap on. From there, you’ll be presented with a full-screen presentation of pictures, videos, and text similar to what you’d find on Instagram and Snapchat. But instead of your friends’ photos popping up, you’ll find content from trusted publishers.

Notably, these only work on mobile devices. In other words, you won’t be able to pull up AMP Stories from your desktop browser.

This marks a new initiative from Google to make the web more appealing to mobile users. Mobile devices like smartphones are dominating internet usage nowadays, so it makes sense to optimize the experience in the best way possible. And it looks like more Stories clones are the way to go.

For now, Google is testing AMP-powered Stories and will roll them out more significantly over time. For interested publishers, you can check out how to develop AMP Stories here.