Samsung’s Leaked ‘DeX Pad’ Confirms Galaxy S9’s Headphone Jack

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 will be unveiled in a little over two weeks from now, and things are starting to heat up leak-wise. In a new tweet from the infamous Evan Blass, we get our first glimpse at the redesigned DeX Pad designed for compatibility with the S9. Never fear, though, as it’s said it’ll also be compatible with last year’s S8.

There doesn’t appear to be a whole lot new in this case when compared to the original DeX Dock. There’s a couple of USB-A ports for connecting peripherals, an HDMI port for connecting to a monitor, and an extra USB-C port likely to keep your device and the pad powered. The reason for it being designed so you phone lies down is so it’s easier to use your handset as a trackpad or keyboard. Before, your phone would sit vertically. This should make using it as your mouse and input method a bit simpler.

Also in the leaked images is a render of the upcoming Galaxy S9. While nothing on-screen can be found, directly below there appears to be a headphone jack. This indicates Samsung won’t be ditching it just yet, even though competitors like Apple, Google, Motorola, HTC, and more have removed the port from their own flagship devices. It’s what consumers want anyway: not everyone has Bluetooth headphones yet.

We’re bound to see new leaks of the S9 and possibly more of its accessories in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned.