ESPN’s Streaming Service to Launch This Spring, Costs $4.99 a Month

Disney CEO Bob Iger has announced new details surrounding the company’s new ESPN-based streaming service. Called ESPN Plus, the subscription will act as an add-on to the existing ESPN app that will receive a redesign in the future. It’ll cost $4.99 a month and launch this spring.

Via CNBC, we’re learning that Disney plans to add live programming to ESPN Plus that otherwise wouldn’t be available to users. “The third feature is a plus service, we’re calling it ESPN Plus, that will include an array of live programming that is not available — live sports, live sports events — not available on current channels,” said Iger. Essentially, this move is to accommodate those who identify as cord-cutters since they tend not to purchase large sports or cable packages any longer. Adding an extra $5 to your monthly bills for some exclusive sports programming streamable on a variety of devices would certainly be appealing to those who refuse to sign up for cable.

“There are signs that young people are coming into multi-channel television. People that were once called or thought to be cord-nevers are starting to adopt less expensive over-the-top packages,” Iger said.

Additionally, ESPN Plus will feature roughly 10,000 sporting events each year, ranging from league to league such as the MLB, MLS, and NHL alongside collegiate sports and tennis’ Grand Slam events. It remains to be seen if the service will hold any exclusive streaming rights to any sporting events.

We expect more information surrounding ESPN Plus to surface in the near future as we approach Spring 2018 so stay tuned.