The Google Assistant Can Now Wake You Up with Your Favorite Song

Google today updated the Assistant with a new ability. Now, when setting alarms, you can opt to be woken up to your favorite song. Any song, artist, or genre can be used and it doesn’t matter which music service you’ve set as default – Spotify, Pandora, iHeart Radio, Google Play Music, they all work.

Personally, I’ve enjoyed waking up with Hallelujah by Logic (the chorus, in the beginning, is very pleasing to wake up to), although others may like something a bit more hardcore like Crazy Train. Whatever your preference, the option is now there.

But that’s not all. Google is also introducing the ability to pull up live TV listings using the Assistant and your voice. This way, you can ask questions like “when does Bob’s Burgers come on?” or “when’s the next new episode of The Blacklist?” All in all, these two new features should improve everyone’s experience with the Assistant. They seem pretty pleasing.