LG Brings New Colors to G6 and Q6 Smartphones

LG has famously said it’s putting the successor to the G6 on hold for the time being, so to stir up a little hype while we wait for the handset, the company is introducing some fresh colors for both the G6 and mid-range Q6.

Originally introduced with the V30, the LG G6 is now available in Moroccan Blue, Lavender Violet, and Raspberry Rose. Meanwhile, the Q6 is getting Moroccan Blue and Lavender Violet. Pricing is expected to stay the same for the handsets. The new colors are expected to launch next month in Korea and other key markets later on.

We reviewed the G6 early last year and liked it. It has a nice design and good specifications, but the battery life and cameras weren’t much to rave about. That being said, the handset is still pretty good even for 2018. So if you’ve been tempted to get the phone and these new colors have you convinced, then bite the bullet and pick one up.