Apple’s iOS 12 to Focus on Refinement, Redesign of Home Screen Delayed

Apple’s been in the news as of late in terms of phones and HomePods, and now a new report out of Axios attempts to shed light on the company’s upcoming software. In the report, it’s said that Apple’s next major iOS upgrade – iOS 12, due out this fall – will focus on refinement rather major user-facing changes. This absolutely stinks because in the report, it’s mentioned the company is shelving a redesign of the home screen until next year.

This entire ordeal has to do with Apple’s software head Craig Federighi announcing earlier this month the software team will focus more on refinement than redesigns. And as it appears, a redesign of the home screen was in the works but is now being set aside. It’s unclear what the redesign might look like and what it’s capable of, but anything from the static grid of icons that’s been the iOS home screen since the first iPhone launched would be an improvement.

For iOS 12, there will be some new features. Axios mentions some new AR stuff and further improvements to the Health app. There’ll also be some new parental controls and further optimizations to improve the overall experience using the operating system. Unfortunately, features like the redesigned home screen, improvements to Mail and Photos, upgrades for taking pictures, and sharing experiences have all be axed for this release.

It’s unclear if Apple will add any of the mentioned features to iOS 12 or if they’ll actually wait until 2019 for iOS 13, but we expect to know more as we get closer to WWDC in June when the company is expected to unveil the operating system to developers.