Report: LG to Debut Upgraded V30 at MWC 2018

LG has hit quite a roadblock in terms of getting a new flagship smartphone out. They’re switching up numerous factors in their strategy and are even starting over from scratch in order to try and get it right. But as per a new report out of the Korean Herald (via International Business Times), it looks like the company could make sense of their debacle for the time being during MWC.

In the report, sources claim LG will introduce an upgraded version of its V30 smartphone which originally debuted last year. The smartphone is already fantastic, but according to the report, it could gain additional AI-focused features likely powered by the Google Assistant. Other news outlets are reporting the handset may also come with a Snapdragon 845 over the 835 already present alongside 6GB of RAM instead of four.

A spokesperson at LG said that while they’ll be introducing new features at MWC this year, it isn’t yet known as to which product will take advantage of them.

That being said, seeing an upgraded V30 at MWC may buy LG some time to get its smartphone, previously known as the G7, prepped and ready for a public debut later this year. Right now, things remain super unclear as to what the company’s next move will be in the flagship smartphone space. But at least for today, it looks like we may see an even better V30.

Oh, and this new V30 might be called the “V30+’a’,” but I doubt it.