LG is Reportedly Ditching its Current G7 and Will Start Over from Scratch

During CES 2018, it was reported LG held a conference to announce it would no longer be sticking to a yearly schedule to release flagship phones. Rather, they’d release them when it was necessary and competition would heat up. This came after reports surfaced stating the company would be ditching its G branding for the rumored G7, a successor to last year’s G6. Now, the company is looking to shake things up even further by totally ditching its current plans for a flagship phone and starting over from scratch.

According to The Investor who quotes an anonymous company official, LG has told its smartphone team to ditch the currently-planned G7 handset and start over from scratch to develop an entirely new smartphone. It isn’t clear if this leaked render is of the old G7 or the new one the company is working on. Either way, expect big changes in the way this smartphone looks and operates when compared to years past.

This all comes as LG is expected to lose even more money in its smartphone division for the eleventh quarter running. To save its failing efforts, LG looks to change nearly everything about how its phone division operates. Whether that will be the company’s saving grace remains to be seen, but it could really only do the company good at this point.

Because of this major report today, LG will almost certainly not announce a new phone at MWC 2018. Rather, it’s expected the successor to the G6 will be unveiled some time possibly in April, months after Samsung has had time to get the Galaxy S9 in the faces of the public. The Investor says we may have a launch date around the Lunar New Year, or between February 15th and 21st. We’ll obviously have more on this topic as time progresses.