LG Won’t Stick to a Schedule When Releasing Phones Anymore

LG has historically released its flagship smartphone some time in the beginning of the year, usually around or at the time of MWC in Barcelona. Then around six months later, we’d see another flagship phone from the company which usually proved to be more powerful and capable. This was the tick-tock cycle LG followed for the past few years, but now it looks like it’s breaking tradition.

According to The Korean Herald, LG held a press conference during CES this year where Electronics Vice Chairman Cho Sung-jin said the company would no longer be sticking with a schedule for releasing phones. Rather, they’ll release phones “when it is needed.” “But we will not launch [them] just because other rivals do.”

Therefore, it’s safe to say LG will no longer be releasing phones alongside the likes of other companies like Moto, Samsung, and HTC. This way, LG can make moves where necessary rather waiting for the next tock or tick during the year. Any new strategy at this point can only do good for the company: it’s experienced nothing but revenue loss from its mobile division for the past eleven quarters. Surely shaking things up a bit could aid them in becoming a true competitor in the high-end smartphone market.

That being said, with this news comes no mention of a possible release timeframe for LG’s next flagship previously known as the G7. Like I said, the company likes to release phones around MWC so we’ll have to wait and see next month if the company delivers.