20th Century Fox Bumps Deadpool 2 Release to May 18th, Two Weeks Early

Deadpool is a fan favorite, and I’m sure many of you are anxiously waiting for the next installment in the film franchise starring Ryan Reynolds. Well, it looks like you won’t have to wait as long as everyone anticipated. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Deadpool 2 will be released May 18th, two weeks earlier than its original release date of June 1st.

While this is good news for Deadpool fans, it’s bad news for those anticipating the release of the X-Men movie The New Mutants. Since Deadpool 2 is getting bumped up, other films need to be pushed back. Therefore, The New Mutants will be released on February 22nd, 2019, not April 13th, 2018 as originally planned. And if you’ve been looking forward to Gambit, you’ll now have to wait until June 7th, 2019 to see it and not February 14th, 2019.

But hey, I guess the Merk with the Mouth is more important, right?