Essential Now Sells its Own USB-C Headphones and Accessories

Essential has announced a new lineup of accessories built for the Essential Phone in order to create a little ecosystem around the device. If you recall, the device went on sale last year and met some “meh” reviews. But for those who actually like the device, you now have some options to enhance your experience.

The first of which being headphones. Essential has created its own sets of earbuds called Earphones|Mini and Earphones|HD. The two sets cost $49 and $99 respectively and use USB-C to connect to your smartphone since most handsets are ditching traditional headphone jacks nowadays. Essential says the Minis have smaller drivers, while the HDs have larger ones to deliver improved sound. Both pairs should work on practically any device with a USB-C connector, including PCs and Macs. They’re available now.

If you’d rather stick with traditional 3.5mm headphones and need a way to connect them to the Essential Phone, you should look in the box your device came in as every unit ships with a dongle to connect your headphones to the USB-C port. If you somehow lost your dongle, you can now grab a new one for $15. It’s a bit pricey, but it’s certainly cheaper than Essential’s own headphones.


Essential is also introducing new ways to charge your Essential Phone. There’s a new Essential Phone Charging Dock that uses the magnetic connector at the top of the back of the device to deliver power to the handset, while a new 27W fast charger is also being introduced to top off more quickly. The former hasn’t received pricing or availability yet, but the latter costs $39 and can be yours as of today.


Finally, Essential is also introducing a case for the Essential 360 camera mod. It’s currently in the “coming soon” stage and we’re not sure yet regarding how much it’ll cost. We’ll let you know when new information surfaces.