This Google Camera APK Brings the Pixel 2’s Portrait Mode to Android Nougat Devices

Google’s Portrait Mode on the Pixel 2 has received high praise, and for good reason. It’s pretty much the best Portrait Mode implementation we’ve seen so far. So it’s no surprise developers got a hold of the tech behind the feature and brought it over to more devices running Android 8.0 Oreo and up.

Unfortunately, this meant those still on Nougat couldn’t use the feature due to lack of support. However, a new version of the Google Camera APK has popped up on XDA-Developers‘ forums which can be installed on devices running Android 7 and up and be used to take Portrait photographs.

Version 5.1.018 of the GCam port brings Portrait Mode to older versions of Android such as 7.1.1 Nougat on the LG V30 which we did our testing on. Not only is the feature present on the rear camera, but it’s also here for portrait selfies, a feature the APK for Oreo lacks. You still can only take portrait photos of humans and not objects, but it’s still a handy feature to have if you want a more dramatic subject.

You can download the APK to bring Portrait Mode to your Android Nougat device here.