Sony’s New Xperia XA2 and XA2 Ultra Will Come with Fingerprint Sensors in the US

For some odd reason, Sony has famously avoided shipping a phone in the United States with a functional fingerprint sensor. The hardware was there, but for a reason only Sony really knows, it was never enabled in the States. Luckily, this changes now as the company’s new Xperia XA2 and XA2 Ultra come with the readers onboard and they’ll be enabled when they arrive to the US.

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Of course, these handsets are nothing to write home about. You’ve got 5.2-inch and 6-inch 1080p displays respectively (with the same ridiculous bezels on the top and bottom), Snapdragon 630 processors, and, of course, fingerprint sensors on the back of the two devices. A 3300mAh battery lives in the XA2, while a 3580mAh cell lives in the Ultra variant. Quick Charge, 23MP rear cameras, and a variety of colors are also present. If you need a real reason to buy the XA2 Ultra over the standard model, it ships with dual selfie cameras (one standard angle and one wide angle), but that’s probably not worth it to many people.


Alongside these two smartphones, Sony is also introducing the Xperia L2 with a 5.5-inch HD screen, 3300mAh battery, and wide-angle selfie camera. There’s 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, and the same fingerprint reader on the back as the XA2s is also built-in. Other than that, there’s not much to note here.

The Xperia XA2 and XA2 Ultra will ship with Android Oreo starting in February, while the Xperia L2 should launch later this month but with Nougat.