Lenovo’s New ThinkVision X1 Monitor Has a Webcam That Raises Up at Your Command

Today at CES 2018, Lenovo unveiled its new ThinkVision X1 monitor that packs plenty of specs power users will appreciate. For starters, it comes with a 27-inch panel that nearly sits flush with the border of the actual device which, by the way, measures in at just 4.7mm in thickness. It sports a 4K resolution and connects over Thunderbolt 3 for a one-cord experience. Of course, there’s also extra connectivity for peripherals such as three USB-A ports. And if Thunderbolt (USB-C) doesn’t suit your fancy, you can opt to output to the included HDMI port and audio jack.

ThinkVision X1 9

That sounds great and all, but my favorite part of this monitor is the new camera. There’s a built-in webcam on the ThinkVision X1 that uses a motor to operate. It’s simple: at the tap of a button, your camera raises out of the monitor and lowers when the button’s pressed again. It’s a really nice security measure that probably looks epic in real life. I’ll let you know my experience if I get my hands on a unit.

The ThinkVision X1 monitor will launch this month for $799.