Lenovo’s New ThinkPad X1 Lineup Adds HDR, 8th-Gen Intel Processors, and Amazon Alexa

Today at CES 2018, Lenovo introduced its new ThinkPad X1 lineup for 2018. Predictably, each device uses Intel’s new 8th-generation Core i series processors and can be configured with up to an i7. Of course, each product has its own feature set to separate itself from the rest, so here’s a rundown.

ThinkPad X1 Yoga Black 8

Let’s start with the new ThinkPad X1 Carbon and Yoga. This year, they ship with 14-inch QHD touch displays. However, these aren’t normal day-to-day screens. This year, Lenovo decided to include support for Dolby Vision HDR viewing, marking the first PCs to do so. This feature will be delivered in a future software update. Additionally, the screens can output a max of 500 nits of brightness which should make them easy enough to see in direct sunlight.


Besides that, the Carbon and Yoga feature a soft-touch build that’s pretty much blacked out in every way you can imagine. They’re also durable, according to Lenovo, and have been tested to survive water, extreme heat, and ice. Inside these rugged bodies are up to 16GB of RAM, up to 1TB of SSD storage, up to 15 hours of use on a single charge, and Intel UHD Graphics 620. The devices can also charge for one hour and pack up to 12 hours of use thanks to RapidCharge via USB-C.

As for IO, we’re looking at two USB 3.0 ports, two Intel Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports, a headphone jack, a microSD card reader, an HDMI port, and a docking connector that includes an Ethernet jack if you need it.

ThinkPad X1 Carbon Black 1

Both devices also come with ThinkShutters for the webcams which act as an alternative to placing over your camera for privacy. The devices also come with Amazon Alexa on board with far-field microphones for interacting with the assistant. This is in stark contrast to the Yoga 920 which comes with far-field mics for interacting with Cortana. I guess Lenovo got the hint that Alexa is better in nearly every shape and form over Microsoft’s assistant.

ThinkPad X1 Yoga Black 6

Finally, both devices have fingerprint readers for secure log-ins and “Crystal Image” builds of Windows 10 on board for a clean, smoother experience. Think of it as the company’s alternative to Microsoft Signature edition computers.

Literally, the only difference between the X1 Carbon and Yoga is in the form factor department. The Carbon opts for a more traditional laptop clamshell, whereas the Yoga opts for a 2-in-1 hinge that lets you flip the display 360 degrees backward for tablet mode. The Yoga also comes with a stylus for more precise interactions. Other than that, pretty much everything else is the same.

The same can’t be said about the X1 Tablet, however. Instead of opting for a larger display, the Tablet shrinks things down to a 13-inch panel but manages to boost the resolution to 3K (3000×2000). And never fear, HDR support is also here. It ships in a tablet form and comes with an attachable keyboard and pen much like last year’s model.


Inside, you can opt for up to 16GB of RAM and up to 1TB of SSD storage. You’ll also get up to 9.5 hours of power and RapidCharge for topping up quickly, Intel UHD Graphics 620, integrated stereo speakers, two Intel Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports, a microSD card reader, a headphone jack, and a nano-SIM card slot for LTE. It too comes with a ThinkShutter for the webcam, a fingerprint reader, and Amazon Alexa with far-field mics. All in all, it should offer a much-improved experience over last year’s model.

Here’s a rundown of the starting prices for Lenovo’s new ThinkPad X1 lineup.

  • X1 Carbon: $1709
  • X1 Yoga: $1889
  • X1 Tablet: $1599

All three models will launch later this month.