Apple Will Reportedly Include a Glass Back and Wireless Charging on the Next iPhone SE

Apple is rumored to be refreshing the aging iPhone SE this year with newer internals, but it looks like it could also give the device a bit of a facelift. According to Sachin Bhatt at (via 9to5Mac), the company will reportedly add a glass back to the next iPhone SE that will enable wireless charging. Keep in mind these rumors fall under the “maybe” category of things, but the report does quote some reliable sources so anything could happen.

Adding wireless charging to the SE would further push Apple’s effort in getting wireless charging to more customers. The company made a similar move with last year’s iPhone 8 and X which both include Qi wireless charging so it would make sense to see it arrive on this year’s SE refresh as well. Of course, only time will tell if this rumors rules out to be true so stay tuned.