Android Oreo is Still Comically On Only 0.7% of Devices

Last month, I went on a little rant about how Google’s Android Oreo was only on 0.5% of all devices. It’s really a shame to see such a great version of the OS running on such select hardware. And according to this month’s distribution numbers, the story doesn’t get much better.

As per Google’s developer website, Oreo is currently running on just 0.7% of all Android devices. We’ve seen an oh-so-slight 0.2% increase month over month, and that really stinks. For the record, Android Nougat has managed to climb onto 26.3% of devices, up 3% over last month.

But no matter what Nougat or Oreo do, even older versions of Android remain the most popular. Most notably, Marshmallow is currently the most-used version of the OS sitting atop 28.6% devices, and Lollipop is on 25.1% of devices. All other versions of Android are on 19.3% of devices.

You can view this month’s full chart below.

Screenshot (8)