LG is Reportedly Dropping its ‘G’ Branding for the G7

LG’s lineup of flagship phones has almost always been flanked by the letter “G” to indicate it was the company’s most high-end category. Each year, we saw different smartphones with names like the G3, G4, G5, and, most recently, G6. They’ve all tended to fly under the radar despite being pretty good. Now, it looks like LG is ready to make some changes and hopefully make its lineup of Samsung, Apple, and Google competitors better acknowledged by consumers.

According to a new report out of The Investor, LG is looking to drop the “G” branding altogether and call its lineup of flagship phones something else. Exactly what their new name will be is unknown at this time, but the report does note it may have something to do with a two-digit number.

This is good for a couple reasons. One, it would break away from the brand that’s been stained by multiple issues facing past smartphones in the lineup. And two, it would give LG the chance to rebuild something more recognizable the average consumer would think of when purchasing their next smartphone. Seriously, who thinks of an LG G phone when walking into a carrier store?

Of course, it’s always sad to see things go, but at least for now, ditching the “G” brand may be the right move. We’ll likely learn more leading up to MWC 2018 when LG is said to unveil its next smartphone which, for now, remains nameless.