Apple Opens $29 iPhone Battery Replacements to All Starting Today

Apple recently apologized for slowing down its iPhones with newer versions of iOS. It had good reason for it (avoiding random shutdowns caused by older batteries was part of it), but many believed it was to upsell previous customers to upgrade to newer models of the device. This led to a letter on Apple’s website indicating this isn’t true and valuing a healthy relationship with consumers was key.

In the letter, to resolve some customers’ worries, Apple said they would lower the price of a battery replacement for iPhone 6 models and newer to $29 from $79. While the company originally stated the discount would go into effect in late January 2018, it appears they’ve changed their minds and have opened discounted battery repairs to all as of today.

A statement from the company (via Axios) confirms the news.

“We expected to need more time to be ready, but we are happy to offer our customers the lower pricing right away,” Apple said in a statement to Axios. “Initial supplies of some replacement batteries may be limited.”

In other words, Apple was planning to increase the supply of new batteries for iPhones until late January when they thought they’d have enough. But for an unknown reason, they’ve decided to go forward with their discount and introduce it early while admitting supplies may be limited. My guess as to the motive behind this decision was simply the pressure customers were putting them under for new batteries to bring their iPhones back up to speed, but unless we hear directly from the source why this decision was made, we’ll never know for sure.

Notably, it’ll likely be best to schedule an appointment with a Genius Bar member to get your battery replaced, either over the phone or through Apple’s online chat support. I have a friend who tried to get her iPhone 6 battery replaced just a couple of days ago without scheduling an appointment and they denied her one, so you’ll probably have better luck if you schedule a time to get a new cell.

You have until December 2018 to get a new battery for your iPhone for $29.