You Can No Longer Use YouTube on the Amazon Fire TV

Earlier this month, Google said they would pull YouTube from Amazon’s Echo Show and Fire TV devices as the result of a bitter disagreement between the two companies. The Fire TV was expected to lose support for the video streaming service on January 1st of the new year, but a mere four days before that date, the service has already been cut from the platform.

According to Fast Company who made the discovery, you now need to use either Amazon’s Silk browser or Firefox to stream YouTube videos on the Fire TV. While this is unfortunate, at least there’s a workaround in place whereas the Echo Show is left with no alternative.


There’s no word on when YouTube may return to the Fire TV and Echo Show in proper forms, but it could be sooner than we think; Amazon recently started Chromecasts on its online store, therefore hinting at some resolution between the companies. However, not much has happened since then, so expect more on this topic early next year.