Amazon Prime Video Now Available on Android TV

After releasing an app for the Apple TV as the result of a lengthy wait, Amazon has finally launched its Prime Video application for Android TV. Streamers can download it here to a compatible streaming box that runs Google’s television OS.

While this is good news for those of you who enjoy Prime Video, it’s rather peculiar it’s launching now as Amazon and Google are in the midst of a sizeable disagreement. If you recall, Google recently pulled YouTube from the Echo Show due to Amazon not complying with their terms. The service arrived back on the Echo Show, but in a poor fashion. Then, a short time later, YouTube was pulled once more because Amazon doesn’t sell nearly anything Google makes like Chromecasts and Nest products. Amazon’s gearing up to launch Chromecasts on its online store and the Prime Video is just now becoming available for Android TV, so it looks like some of this conflict is being resolved.

Who knows. Maybe tomorrow Google will let Amazon use YouTube again. Maybe they won’t. For now, appreciate what you have. Because tomorrow, at this rate, it could be gone.