Google Lists Chrome in the Windows Store and Trolls Everyone [Update: Never Mind]

Update: Microsoft has announced its removed Google’s Chrome Installer web link application as it doesn’t comply with the company’s policies. Exact reasoning wasn’t given beyond this so we may never know the real reason it was unpublished. Google seemingly just wanted to create a solution for all the bogus Chrome apps on the Windows Store by giving users a direct way to install it. Now, it looks like you’ll need to continue to use Microsoft Edge to do so. Bummer.

Original article: If you’ve searched for Google Chrome in the Windows Store in the last 24 hours and got actual results from Google themselves, you’re likely not the only one. The company has listed its insanely popular web browser in the Store for all to click upon, but by doing so, you get seriously trolled.


Instead of packing Chrome up as a compatible Windows 10 and 10 S application, Google sends users to a web link which opens the download page for the app. It’s yet another indication we’ll never see the app in the Store.

But hey, at least you don’t have to use Microsoft Edge anymore just to install Chrome, amirite?