Amazon to Once Again Sell Apple TV and Google Chromecast

After pulling the devices more than two years ago from its online store, Amazon is gearing up to once again sell the Apple TV and Google Chromecast. The news was confirmed by multiple news outlets and listings for the products have already been published.

Of course, since the devices are to be sold by Amazon once again, it must mean there’s some resolution between the companies behind the gadgets. This is true, as Apple has allowed Amazon to place its Prime Video app on the Apple TV, so now Amazon needs to hold up its end of the bargain.

It’s a bit more difficult to talk about Google, however. Amazon and the search giant are currently in a conflict and are basically bickering about YouTube. If you recall, the video streaming service was ripped from the Echo Show because Amazon didn’t comply with Google’s terms of service. Therefore, access to YouTube had to be revoked. The platform later returned to the touchscreen-enabled Echo, but Google was still not satisfied and decided to not only pull YouTube from the Echo Show but also the Fire TV as of January 1, 2018.

According to the two companies, they’re trying to reach agreements so they can get along again and customers can enjoy YouTube on their Echos and TVs. In order to reach said agreements, a possible first step could be selling the Chromecast again on Amazon’s website. We haven’t confirmed this hypothesis, but it’s definitely possible since it was a requirement in the case of Apple.

Regardless, for now, it looks like you’ll be able to order your next Chromecast or Apple TV through the biggest online retailer on the planet. We’re not sure when the products will go up for sale as they all say they aren’t yet available, but expect them to land soon.