Apple’s iMac Pro Now Available, Starts at $4,999

Originally unveiled at WWDC 2017 in June and hinted at hitting the market just this week, Apple today formally launched the iMac Pro. The product is somewhat of a successor to the aging Mac Pro that was originally introduced back in 2013 and hasn’t seen an update since.


The new iMac Pro definitely packs some heat. Inside its Space Gray unibody sits Intel Xeon processors, up to 128GB of RAM, up to 4TB of SSD storage, a Vega GPU with 11 teraflops of power, and a 27-inch 5K display that supports the entire P 3 color gamut. On the outside, there’s four USB-C connectors that all support Thunderbolt 3, four standard USB 3.0 ports, a 10Gb Ethernet jack, and no way of upgrading the machine beyond the configuration you select when ordering. It’s pretty odd Apple didn’t include a latch of some sorts to upgrade things like RAM or an SSD drive, but I guess you get what you get.

You also get Space Gray accessories including a keyboard, mouse, and touchpad. Overall, the whole thing looks like a professional machine.

Pricing starts at $4,999 and can go up pretty high depending on what specs you select. Orders seem to begin shipping later this month, likely after Christmas.