Instagram Will Now Begin Archiving Your Stories and Let You Repost Them

The thing about any stories implementation across social media is after twenty-four hours from when you initially posted, your photo or video is deleted and can never be viewed again by anyone. Snapchat changed this with its Memories feature a while back so users could view their own stories more than a day later, and now Instagram is doing the same by putting its own twist on the idea with Stories Highlights and Archive.


Stories Archive works basically how Snapchat Memories do if they were automated. Whereas you’re required to manually save stories on Snapchat, when your Instagram story is about to expire, Instagram will automatically add it to your archive where uploads you no longer want to be present on your profile live. This lets you revisit old stories in case you wanna see exactly what you posted for your followers in case you forget.


To make the feature unique, Instagram is also including Stories Highlights which lets you repost old stories to your profile. This works by letting you create a standalone story consisting of past photos and videos you uploaded to your main story. You can have as many highlights as you’d like and even have the power to take them down whenever you wish. I would imagine this will be useful if you want to allow your followers to revisit the fun times you had over a two-day vacation or holiday as it’s that time of year again.

With this new feature, Instagram is furthering its initiative to become more attractive to use over competitors’ platforms, namely Snapchat who lacks this feature set. I have a feeling I’ll be using it to create a memory of Christmas 2017 which is in just a matter of weeks. If you wanna see that, hit me on the gram.

Instagram says these new features are rolling out now to both iOS and Android users in version 25 of the app.