Google Pulls YouTube from the Echo Show and Fire TV Amidst Battle with Amazon

Google has pulled YouTube once again from the Echo Show after initially bringing the service back to the Amazon smart speaker a matter of weeks ago. But not only is the platform no longer on Echo Show, but Google is also pulling it from the Fire TV, and it looks like this isn’t due to Amazon creating a custom UI for it.

In a statement to The Verge, it’s revealed there appears to be a strong conflict between Google and Amazon since the latter doesn’t sell Nest products anymore and they refuse to bring Prime Video to Chromecast and/or Google Home.

“​We’ve been trying to reach agreement with Amazon to give consumers access to each other’s products and services. But Amazon doesn’t carry Google products like Chromecast and Google Home, doesn’t make Prime Video available for Google Cast users, and last month stopped selling some of Nest’s latest products. Given this lack of reciprocity, we are no longer supporting YouTube on Echo Show and FireTV. We hope we can reach an agreement to resolve these issues soon.”

Basically, Google and Amazon are in a cat fight, and no one is winning. The biggest loser, in this case, is the consumer since you can’t enjoy YouTube anymore on the Echo Show or Fire TV which stinks. Whether Amazon and Google will make up soon is up in the air, so all we can do is hope and pray.