You Can Now ‘Remix’ Your Friend’s Photos in Instagram Direct

Instagram is rolling out a new update to its iOS and Android apps that enables a new feature called “remixing.” With it, you can respond to a photo that your friend sent you in the social network’s Direct messaging service with a photo of your own that uses a sticker to indicate which photo you’re responding to. An example can be found below which gives a visual representation of both the response feature and editing tools available.


Of course, there’s some obvious flaws with this feature. The most notable of which happens to be vandalism. If you send a photo to one of your friends, they can draw whatever they want on top of your photo and send it back, therefore opening the door for offensive messages and potential harassment. These same rules obviously apply in the privacy of DMs, but this is simply another gateway into these issues, at least to me.

Additionally, Instagram is now letting users control how many times you can watch photos sent to other users. You can either have them play once or allow the end user to watch them multiple times.

Both of these updates should be live for most Instagram users now.