Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is Now Available in Burgundy Red

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 is reportedly just around the corner, but it looks like this year’s Galaxy S8 hasn’t seen its last breath just yet. The company just announced that it’s adding Burgundy Red to the S8’s lineup of available colors, sitting alongside Midnight Black, Orchid Gray, Coral Blue, Arctic Silver and Maple Gold. In the photos below, the color does look pretty sweet on the S8 what with the device’s glossy glass back and metal frame.

Unfortunately, not many people will likely be able to pick this color up. Samsung says it’s launching the Galaxy S8 in Burgundy Red in Korea first and select markets at later dates. If history is any indication, it’s safe to say the US isn’t on that list. Of course, if the grace of God intervenes, we’ll see the color hit the States, but don’t count on it.