Google Lens in Assistant Now Available for More Pixel Users

Google recently announced it would be adding Lens integration to the Assistant on all Pixel phones, and now that rollout is expanding with several others noticing the feature hitting their devices. We saw the function pop up on our Pixel 2 XL review unit and decided to give it a swing.

To activate Lens, you need to first activate the Assistant which can be done by saying “Okay, Google” or by squeezing the sides of a Pixel 2 or 2 XL. Afterward, you’ll be presented with the Lens logo in the bottom right hand corner which, after being tapped, presents you with the Lens interface. From there, you give permission to Google to use your camera and bam, you’re in. We presented Lens with a Poland Spring water bottle and UAG LG V30 case packaging to identify and it did okay. Lens thought it was looking at some sort of bottle but it wasn’t really sure, while the UAG packaging presented the options to search for more about UAG and the LG V30. All in all, it’s easy to tell Lens is in its early stages, but it’ll likely get better over time much like Assistant.

Google says users in the US, UK, Austrailia, Canada, India, and Singapore can expect Lens to hit their device over the coming weeks. Let us know in the comments if you’re seeing the feature on your device.