You Can Now Buy a PRODUCT(RED) Amazon Echo

Amazon recently updated its Echo with a new design, better speakers, and a fresh price point of $99. But it looks like the company isn’t done with the home smart speaker for 2017. According to the company, there’s now a PRODUCT(RED) version of the Echo that comes in a red fabric finish and, when purchased, will donate $10 toward (RED) to battle AIDS. The same $99 price is present.


Amazon says the PRODUCT(RED) Echo will start shipping on December 6th so if you wanna pick it up for the holidays, you should get it before then. It’s also worth noting this edition of the Echo is limited according to Amazon so you may wanna pick it up while you can.

If you think you’ve seen PRODUCT(RED) on smart devices before, you’d be right. Apple has famously released PRODUCT(RED) devices before in the past, most recently a red iPhone 7 that was released back in March. Now that Amazon has jumped on the bandwagon, we may begin seeing more special edition (RED) products.