Google is Tempting People to Download Allo by Offering Free Grilled Cheese

Google really wants you to use its messaging app, Allo. This is the motive behind the company’s new marketing move which drives in the form of a giant food bus (if that’s a thing) that gives anyone a free grilled cheese sandwich simply by downloading the app. If you can get three or more friends to do the same, they’ll even give you a free beanie to go with the sandwich.

The news arrives as someone on Twitter based in Madison, Wisconsin has tweeted a photo of the bus advertising free grilled cheese by downloading Allo.

Arguably, Allo could be enjoyed by millions on a daily basis, but some features are missing that just break the experience for most people. Namely, the biggest reason why people don’t use the app is due to lack of SMS support. If Allo could replace your day-to-day texting app like Facebook Messenger or Android Messages could, many more people may consider using Allo. After all, it’s been updated with various features in the past and is currently the only chat app to support integration with the Google Assistant. But when prompted to bring the feature to the app, many Google executives have remained silent.

In the end, it remains a mystery as to whether Google will eventually listen to users and give them what they want so they use the app. But if a free grilled cheese or beanie can convert you, then maybe you should download Allo the next time you see its bus riding around.