Deal: All Moto Mods at Verizon Are Now 50% Off for Black Friday


If you have a Moto Z-branded smartphone and have been eyeing up some Moto Mods to complete your experience, Verizon has what you need for half the price. The carrier, for Black Friday but starting now, has every Moto Mod they sell for 50% off, meaning the super-expensive Moto 360 Camera Mod and Insta-Share Projector now cost just $149.99 a piece. The cheapest available are some Style Shells that add a touch of flair to your smartphone for just $19.99. You can view all the discounts here.

Asking anyone whether Moto Mods are worth it to them if they’ve used a Moto Z smartphone before, they’re bound to give you an answer similar to this: because the flagship Moto Zs are so expensive, it’s better to hold off despite their important role in the experience of using one of these devices. However, considering the Mods are 50% off this week, it would likely benefit you to drop some cash on one or two that you thought you’d love but were too expensive. Personally, I think I’d go the JBL SoundBoost and Juice Pack Mod route for a total of $80 since you’ll likely enjoy those options the most, but that’s just me.

We’ll let you know if more deals like this arise.

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