Apple’s iMac Pro to Pack A10 Fusion Chip with “Hey Siri” Support

Apple’s iMac Pro is expected to arrive next month, and now we’re hearing more details surrounding the PC, specifically what’s on the inside. According to various developers on Twitter including Johnathan LevinSteve Troughton-Smith, and Guilherme Rambo, the upcoming Mac will ship with an A10 Fusion processor built-in, the same processor featured in last year’s iPhone 7. It’ll mainly be used to take control of certain software features and operations like booting up, but according to the below video, it looks like it’ll enable more than this.

Expect to holler at your iMac from around your home


As you can see, “Hey Siri” compatibility appears to be coming to the iMac Pro. After originally introducing Siri to the Mac last year with macOS Sierra, Apple is readying “Hey Siri” activation much like what’s on your iPhone for the Mac, starting with the iMac Pro. Whether an A10 Fusion chip is required to use the feature is unknown, but at least for now, the feature will rely on the specific hardware.

It also looks like the A10 will be constantly running to manage tasks including “Hey Siri” so expect to be able to holler at your computer from around your home.

We still have yet to hear confirmation on whether this feature will be shipping in the iMac Pro, but Apple should begin confirming things relatively soon since December is just a matter of days away.