Sprint’s Unlimited Plan Now Includes Free Hulu

After T-Mobile announced it would begin giving customers free Netflix, Sprint is now giving its unlimited plan users a free subscription to Hulu. The $7.99 Limited Commercials offer gives users access to the service’s vast library of movies and TV shows for free as long as they’re also subscribers to Sprint’s Unlimited Freedom plan which costs $60/month for one line. The offer begins November 17th.

“How people watch their favorite shows, listen to the latest music, and play the most popular games is changing all the time,” said Roger Solé, chief marketing officer. “We’re excited to provide Sprint customers the best in entertainment through our unique partnership with Hulu.”

Clearly, this is simply a move to lure content-craving people to sign up for Sprint’s network which, mind you, is #4 on the list of the biggest US carriers (remember, there are only four of these). T-Mobile has Netflix and AT&T has HBO. Now, I suppose it’s a matter of time until Verizon announces something similar. Maybe Amazon Prime Video or YouTube TV?

If you’re interested in opting for this offer, click here.