Apple’s iPhone X and 8 Will Include 7.5W Wireless Charging with iOS 11.2

Apple’s upcoming iOS 11.2 update for the iPhone and iPad hasn’t entirely proven to feature very many significant changes so far, but it looks like this is changing. According to reports from MacRumors, the software upgrade, when installed on the iPhone X and 8/Plus, allows for 7.5W fast wireless charging, a step up from the previous 5W limit.

Apple has previously stated its new iPhones were capable of wirelessly charging at speeds such as 7.5W before, but the company refused to enable the feature. Now, it looks like it’ll soon be possible for all users of the iPhone 8 and X. It’s worth noting iOS 11.2 is still in beta and likely won’t be released to the public for a few more weeks. You’ll also need a compatible charging pad to perform this action when you do receive the software upgrade. Luckily, Apple has some available in its store that are 7.5W compatible.

As for how much faster your iPhone will charge with the update on board, MacRumors says they were able to charge an iPhone X from 46 to 66 percent in thirty minutes. This is in comparison to charging the X for thirty minutes at 5W which increased the available power from 44 to 60 percent. Therefore, while not significant, you’ll surely notice a difference when wireless charging your new iPhone with iOS 11.2.

We’ll let you know when the software update begins rolling out to everyone.


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