Facebook’s Merging Messenger Day with Stories and Deleting Direct

Facebook is getting its act together. In a new report out of TechCrunch, the company announced its merging Messenger Day and Facebook Stories into basically one service where if you upload to your Story from either platform, it’ll sync over to the other. This means Facebook will no longer have a dedicated Snapchat clone for both its social network and its messaging app.

And thank God. Stories has become a mess since the feature’s introduction in Instagram back in 2016 as Facebook tries to bring it to every possible platform. It’s in WhatsApp, it hit Messenger, and then it hit Facebook, Now, at least when you upload a picture or video to your Facebook Story, your Messenger friends will see the same content.

And if you think about it, since you can also upload Stories to Instagram which can then be shared to Facebook Stories, things should also sync over to Messenger. That’s three platforms’ Snapchat clones synced into one.


Additionally, each app will have its own set of filters and effects so you’ll wanna use them all in order to get the most out of the experience. Stories are also hitting Facebook Lite soon as well which is a stripped-down version of the main Facebook app for mobile devices. Oh, and in case you didn’t know, there was a messaging service built into Facebook called Direct that you could use to send Stories to your friends. Well, now these messages will live in Messenger which is where they should’ve been in the first place. Just sayin’.


Finally, Facebook will also be adding the ability for groups to create a shared Story for things like events and celebrations. Admins will be able to approve which snaps get uploaded.

With all of these changes, it’s clear Facebook is trying to straighten things up and create a more focused product. Rather trying to put Stories everywhere, it’s better to connect everything and deliver the same experience to all users. These changes should also get Facebook Stories in front of the faces of many more people since the feature isn’t all that popular now. Hopefully, things will improve from here. Otherwise, we could see the death of Facebook Stories sooner than later.