You Can Now Live Stream 360-Degree Video to Facebook with the Essential Phone

Essential and Facebook are now letting users of the former’s Essential Phone to stream live 360-degree video to the latter’s network. This works by using Essential’s 360-degree camera add-on that snaps to the back of the Phone. Users will need to start the broadcast from the 360 Degree app on their smartphone, and afterword, they can share the world around them with their friends and followers.

This comes as Essential begins pushing 360-degree video in the wake of trying to get their 360-degree camera accessory out the door and into the hands of consumers. So far, it remains unclear how many the company’s sold, but many were treated to a discounted price to pick one up when purchasing their Essential Phone so they could have plenty out there. Meanwhile, other phones like the Moto Z2 with the 360-degree camera Mod were already capable of performing this same function alongside dedicated 360-degree camera rigs. So while Essential is late to the party, it’s nice to see it pop up rather not at all.

Additionally, Essential says you’ll soon be able to live stream 360-degree video from its camera attachment to Periscope, while uploading previously-recorded 360-degree content is currently possible on both Facebook and YouTube.