Amazon to Discount Echo and Fire Devices at Whole Foods for Black Friday

Amazon has announced it’ll be discounting its Echo, Fire, and Kindle devices at Whole Foods locations across the country for Black Friday. Starting this week, you’ll be able to visit any store that has the devices in stock and save up to $30. Details can be found in the rundown below.

  • Amazon Echo Dot: $20 off (now $29.99)
  • Amazon Echo: $20 off (now $79.99)
  • Amazon Echo Plus: $30 off (now $119.99)
  • Amazon Kindle Paperwhite: $30 off (now $89.99)
  • Amazon Cloud Cam: $20 off (now $99.99)
  • Amazon Fire 7 tablet: $20 off (now $29.99)
  • Amazon Fire 8 HD tablet: $30 off (now $49.99)

Additionally, Amazon will be opening pop-up shops all over the United States to give customers these discounts as well. Locations and dates include:

  • Chicago, Illinois, Rochester Hills, Michigan: November 13
  • Davie, Florida and Pasadena, California: November 14
  • Union Station (Denver, Colorado): November 15

You may be wondering why Amazon and Whole Foods are doing this. It’s due to the former’s acquisition of the latter back in August. Now, the two companies have formed a pretty strong bond and have been incorporating each other’s product and services over the last few months. With Black Friday and the holidays right around the corner, it makes sense to see deals like this pop up.

For more information, check out the press release here.


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