Here’s Your First Look at Inside the iPhone X’s Box

Apple’s iPhone X doesn’t come out until Friday, but units are already beginning to ship to customers. Specifically, Abraham Rodriguez on Instagram has gotten his hands on a unit which is featured in an eight-second clip. In the clip, Rodriguez even begins unboxing the phone, marking at least one of the first official appearances inside the packaging Apple’s $1,000 iPhone ships in.

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As you can see, while we don’t see much, we can report that the iPhone X will ship with the “Designed by Apple in California” pamphlet set on top the device itself. Afterward, the actual phone can be seen wrapped in plastic. Not much more is shown, however, but a separate account under the name Benjamin Geskin on Instagram also leaked some images of inside the X’s box.

Additionally, Geskin on Twitter even took a few snaps of some iPhone X units getting ready to ship out to customers.

Admittedly, these are all pretty low-quality looks into what’ll be featured all over the internet in just a matter of days. However, it’s always fun to build up some hype, and that’s what these images and videos do.