Three Ways to Get Wireless Charging in Your Pocket

Wireless charging is all the rage nowadays. What with Apple finally adopting it on the iPhone and 8 Plus, the wireless charging industry has seen a massive spike in usage and isn’t slowing down. So naturally, many people want to use the technology but aren’t exactly sure where to start. Enter the Matridox guide to getting wireless charging in your pocket.

1. Buy a new phone


Nowadays, there’s a ton of phones on the market that come with wireless charging built-in. There’s the iPhone 8, LG V30/G6, and any recent Samsung Galaxy from the S7 to the Note 8. Of course, not many people will want to buy a brand-new phone, so there’s alternatives to getting the technology into your hands if you’re not up for spending at least $500 on a new handset.

2. A case


Many people don’t know this, but there are actually cases you can buy that add wireless charging functionality to your current smartphone. You can take a simple iPhone, purchase the ZeeHoo Wireless Charging Qi Receiver case for $25, and slap your phone on a Qi-enabled wireless charger. This way, you won’t have to worry about having a recent smartphone to adopt the technology. There’s a variety of cases available from Amazon, but a vast majority are exclusive to the iPhone. It doesn’t hurt to look around the web and see what’s available, however.

3. Get a Moto Mod


If you own one of Motorola’s Z series smartphones, you’re in luck: the company actually makes Moto Mods that have wireless charging built in. This way, you can slap the Mod to the back of your phone and start charging wirelessly over Qi. We were sent the company’s newest wireless charging Style Mod for use with our Moto Z2 Play and have discovered it works as advertised. It costs $40 and can be purchased here in a variety of finishes.


Adopting wireless charging now puts you directly on the giant curve we’re seeing in the industry which is leading towards an all-wireless future. It also future-proofs your lifestyle since we’re bound to see some major developments in this field soon. Plus, wirelessly charging your phone is just cool: not worrying about cables to give your phone a quick top off is stupid convenient.

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