Microsoft’s New Surface Precision Mouse Puts Shortcuts at Your Fingertips for $99

Microsoft today is announcing the new Surface Precision Mouse. It’s $99 and serves as a more advanced alternative to the company’s existing Surface Mouse as it adds functionality users look for from third-party accessory makers.

Specifically, alongside the left-right-scroll wheel array of functions, the Surface Precision Mouse ships with three customizable buttons which can launch apps, execute commands, and save documents for your convenience. There’s also a tweaked design to make it more comfortable to use during long work periods. It even works over Bluetooth or USB, whichever you prefer.

Well, kinda (via The Verge).

See, if you wanna use the Surface Precision Mouse over Bluetooth, you’ll need either a Windows 10 Windows 10 S, or Android-powered device. If you opt for USB, you’ll need something with either Windows or macOS. For the buttons to work, you’ll be required to use Windows 10 and not Windows 10 S since Microsoft’s software can’t work on this variant of the OS. Therefore, you’ll likely wanna buy this mouse only if you use straight-up Windows 10.

That being said, for those who wanna pick it up, it’ll cost $99 when it launches November 16th. Non-coincidentally, that’s the same day as the new Surface Book 2.