Google Photos Can Now Identify Pets Using Machine Learning

Google today is updating its Photos cloud service with the ability to automatically identify and group together pets using machine learning. This means that if you tend to take a bunch of pictures of your cat or dog, Google will automatically group them together and give you the option to give the animal in question a name for ease of access down the road. Searching for photos of dogs, cats, and other creatures is also possible via text or emoji like before.

When you want to look back on old photos of Oliver as a puppy or Mr. Whiskers as a kitten, you no longer need to type “dog” or “cat” into search in Google Photos. Rolling out in most countries today, you’ll be able to see photos of the cats and dogs now grouped alongside people, and you can label them by name, search to quickly find photos of them, or even better, photos of you and them. This makes it even easier to create albums, movies, or even a photo book of your pet.

In addition to now grouping your pets, Google Photos fur-tunately already has a few other features to help you honor your paw-some pet. You can search by breed to see photos of your Poodle or Maine Coon or search by emoji to see all those or photos.

All users should notice the new feature in the Photos mobile apps and desktop site now.